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Getting lost is knowing the way(Swahili)

If people only go on the way that other people told them, it does not mean they really get to know the right way. Finding the way by themselves will let them know the right way. People will be able to gain the knowledge after the process of trial and error by yourself.

Bows that are always stringed will easily get loose(Mbdi)

If people keep the bow stringed, the bow will be loosened and become useless at the crucial moment. This means, if people are too nervous, they cannot use their ability to the fullest, so they should be relaxed a bit.

There is no elephant that finds its nose annoying(South Africa)

Elephants have long and heavy noses, but elephants never care about it. Even if they were born with an bad thing that people have might seems as a big handicap, it offers no difficulty at all. After all, even people have some weakness, they will somehow get over them.

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