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If you introduced yourself as the mushroom, you shuold be in the bucket(Russia)

If you said that you were the mushroom, you should make up your mind to be in th bucket. This means, if people started something, they should accomplish it even if there were some difficulties. In Japan, there is a Kotowaza, “Nori Kakatta Fune” that has the same meaning as this.

Unmotivated hounds only can catch skinny rabbits (Netherlands)

Even if people made an unmotivated person to work, they cannot expect a good work from that person.

Into the potato, out of the potato(Germany)

Long time ago, when German army was having military exercises, the first order was to go straight to the potato field. But it would cause damages to the potatoes, so the order was changed to return from the field. Therefore, this means the orders, rules and attitudes might change every time depending on the situation.

Wanting a pudding more than a praise(England)

Something that is actually helpful, such as a thing people can eat have more value than the words of praise.

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